Frequently Asked Questions

If I received a ticket from the Louisiana State Police or Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office, where do I go to court?

New Iberia City Court only handles misdemeanor cases issued by the New Iberia Police Department. If you received a ticket from the state police or sheriff’s office, those cases are handled in District Court, located at 300 Iberia Street, New Iberia (337) 369-4420.

Do you handle marriage licenses, passports or birth certificates?

We do not. Please contact the Iberia Parish Clerk of Court at (337) 365-7282.

What payment methods do you accept for payment of fines/fees and court costs?

New Iberia City Court accepts MONEY ORDERS or CREDIT CARDS (plus a 3/5% processing fee). No cash or personal checks are accepted. Credit card payments can also be made through the City Court website's Pay Ticket link.

Can I bring my cell phone to court?

No cell phones are allowed in the Courtroom.

Can I bring family members to court with me?

Unless subpoenaed to appear before the court, family members are not allowed in the courtroom.

What do I wear to court?

Proper dress is required in court. No shorts, tank tops, flip flops or mini dresses are allowed in the courtroom.

Do I have to pay off all of my fines and court costs the day of court?

You are expected to make a payment towards your fine and costs on the day of court. If you are unable to pay the full amount, payment arrangements can be made for any balance owed.

Can the Clerk of Court personnel help me with answers to legal questions?

Any legal questions you wish answered prior to your appearance in court should be addressed with your attorney. Court and Clerk’s office personnel are prohibited by law and order of the court from giving legal advice.

How do I request a Foreign Language Interpreter or Deaf/Hearing Impaired Assistance?

Contact the Clerks of Court, criminal – Dawn Fremin; civil – Vicki Braud at (337) 369-2334 or via email at

How much does it cost to file for a first-notice eviction?

It is $30.00 to file for a first-notice eviction. For those cases we accept checks or money orders. NO CASH OR CREDIT CARDS.